Stimulation! You don't have to strain your sides anymore. Love Handle To Cut U-IE Stage 3 waist ExerciseㅣLast fit with U-IEㅣEP.2ㅣ
GlanceTV Fitness

GlanceTV Fitness


Hi, Mates.‍♀
Today's last fit exercise is a three-stage waist workout
that keeps the line alive!
From beginner 'extend sides' stretching to advanced 'Towel deadlift'
U-IE has prepared a lot for the Mates!

* Today's supplies : Towel
✔ Repeat 3 SETs for each step
(Don't overdo it and fit your muscle.)
✔ With one ab workout, effect UP

Just follow along like this to ensure a smooth waistline!
Let's work hard and cut our love handles together!
The last fit of my life!
See ya